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    Personalized. Product recommendations based on your life and style.

    Simplified. There are 68 popular baby bottles. We chose just 3 so you can find your perfect one. Choose with confidence – they’re all good!

    Easy. Shop brands you already love (J. Crew! Land of Nod!), new ones you will love, and celeb favorites in one spot.

    Honest. Straightforward product descriptions that help you make a decision – plus a “downside” for each.

    Refreshing. A beautiful baby registry you can't wait to share with family and friends.

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    The Story

    When I got pregnant I immediately began asking friends, what do I need?

    In came emails, Word documents, a 40-page PDF from one particularly zealous mom, and spreadsheets that had been passed from mom to expectant mom like a top-secret recipe. Added to the mix was finds from my marathon search sessions and all those cute things I put on an (ahem, secret ) Pinterest board.

    The more help I received, the more confused I was. What's an ' exersaucer' and do I really need it? How much is a lightweight umbrella stroller supposed to weigh? Are there any cute nursing pillows out there?

    What I craved more than anything was the short answer on what to buy for baby and one be-all-end-all registry where I could find everything I wanted.

    And that’s how Cricket’s Circle came to be. I never found the perfect site but I did meet a woman who told it to me straight. She was my “Cricket” and Cricket’s Circle is how I'm repaying the favor. Because we all want to move on to the important stuff: decorating the nursery.

    Thanks for visiting!

    How do we do it

    The funny thing about asking friends for product advice is that they inevitably recommend the one they use – and most of us only use one stroller or one bottle brand. Likewise, what an online retailer deems the bestseller isn’t always the best for you.

    Cricket’s Circle comprises a core team of parents and editors and an extended network of parents around the country. It’s our real-life experiences with these strollers, straw cups, and nipple pads (yep, that’s a thing!) that dictate what makes the cut. We consider this criteria as we test:

    • Safe. For example: A car seat isn’t safe at all if it’s tricky to install. One misstep and you can toss that government safety approval out the window. Our picks take that into consideration because we believe the safest products are ones that you can’t screw up. Even when you’re operating on 3 hours of sleep.
    • Easy. Sure, the stroller description says it folds in seconds, but only we can tell you if you’ll be cursing while you do it. We recommend products that make life easier, not harder. So that means, “no thanks!” to items that require hunching and heavy lifting. You’ve got a baby to carry – you don’t need more hassles. Bonus points for products that can be operated one-handed.
    • Versatile. At the minimum, every item must perform its single task beautifully. (Don’t laugh: you’d be surprised how few straw cups do.) But our favorite things do double- or triple-duty or last through toddlerhood or longer – which means they’ve got value in their favor, too.
    • Beautiful. When faced with two equal-performing products, we’ll choose the prettier, because beautiful things make life lovelier.

    We continuously review new products and rely on recommendations from parents like you. So if you beg to differ about one of our recommendations or you think we’re missing something crucial, leave a comment or email us directly. We’re only as good as our Circle.

    Interested in joining our growing “inner circle” or parent reviewers? Email hello@cricketscircle.com

    Our Founder


    Rachel Blumenthal, Founder and CEO, created Cricket’s Circle to solve the what-to-buy conundrum she encountered during her first pregnancy.

    Rachel began her career in the publicity department of Yves Saint Laurent, developing her aesthetic sensibility and passion for curation. Following YSL, Rachel’s first entrepreneurial venture was as designer and founder of the fashion jewelry brand Rachel Leigh, which after a few short years was available worldwide in over 300 high-end retailers and named one of Oprah’s “Favorite Things.” The brand was licensed to GlamHouse in 2011.

    Rachel then lent her hand to Warby Parker, which was cofounded by her husband Neil. When the eyewear retailer – and their son, Griffin – were up and running, she got to work on Cricket’s Circle.

    A Tufts University graduate, Rachel is a proud and active supporter of Baby Buggy, HELP USA and Healthy Child, Healthy World. Originally from Cape Cod, Rachel now resides in Manhattan with her family.

    As a new mom and entrepreneur, Rachel is in the business of giving and receiving advice – she welcomes yours, too, at rachel@cricketscircle.com or share your comments on social.


    Getting To Know Us

    Who’s Cricket?
    We think of Cricket as that friend who always has the answer. You probably have “a Cricket” in your life – someone who knows the perfect crowd-pleasing restaurant for your visiting in-laws or the TV show you seriously have to be watching. We created Cricket’s Circle to give every expectant and new parent their own “Cricket,” a one-stop shoppable resource for trusted product recommendations and helpful advice.
    Why should I trust you?
    Because we bring together the best of both worlds — parent-knowledge and scrutinizing testing and research.

    When we were expecting, we asked friends for advice. The problem was, each of them recommended the one and only stroller they had experienced — their own. Amongst us, we’ve used a lot of strollers, talk to parents about their strollers, and continuously keep on top of the latest and greatest. Our “inner circle” of parents span ages and locations, they’re urban and suburban, they’re parents to one, two, three or more — so we receive diverse opinions. A must-have product to one of us is a nonessential to another, which is why we ask you to take a quiz to help us understand your lifestyle before we recommend items.
    Why should I rate and comment on products?
    Already a mom or caretaker? Then you’re the expert now. Your newly pregnant friends are overwhelmed and clueless – so help by pointing them in the direction. Tell us which product is cute but pointless and which product you’d have another baby just to use again. So share the wealth, prove your skills, and help your friends!
    Why are there only 3 recommendations per category?
    To make your choice easier. To us, more isn’t necessarily better. When we were expecting our first, we were exhausted by the number of options out there. We felt compelled to research each product until we found the right one. Forget that. Now, Cricket’s Circle does that work for you so you can enjoy choosing from three great options picked by parents who know.
    Why are some of my favorite products not listed?
    Different strokes for different folks! But we’re always researching new products – and welcoming recommendations from parents like you. So leave a comment right or email us directly. We can’t wait to hear your favs.
    What if I need to know what to pack for the hospital, which questions to ask when interviewing nannies or what product Jessica Alba uses to make her skin glow?
    Glad you asked. That’s all on the blog. If there’s a particular topic you’d like to see covered, send your idea to ashley@cricketscircle.com !
    So what is Cricket’s Circle exactly?
    Cricket’s Circle is the one-stop shoppable resource for trusted product recommendations and helpful advice. We research, test, and narrow down the product assortment to simplify your decision, and we partner with retailers to get those top baby and toddler items into one registry and shopping cart.


    How do I share my registry with friends and family?
    Visit your Registry and copy/paste the URL into an email, Tweet or Facebook post to share!
    How do I know when someone bought me an item from my registry?
    Rest assured, when auntie buys all the nursing paraphernalia ( weird ), we’ll check it off your list – you won’t receive duplicate jars of nipple cream, promise. When an item’s purchased, your Registry will update the item with have. Asked for two, received just one? You’ll see have 1, want 2, and so on...
    I’m pretty sure my registry is done, but... is it?
    Let Cricket give it a look! Email hello@cricketscircle.com with subject line, How’s my registry? and we’ll reply with advice – from recommending you hold off on that potty for another year, to suggesting a lifesaving product you may have overlooked. We’re honest and thorough. We love this stuff.

    Orders & Returns

    Why doesn’t Cricket’s Circle appear on my credit card statement?
    Your purchase is billed and shipped directly from our retail partners.
    How can I check the status of my order?
    Shortly after placing your order you’ll receive an order confirmation email – or emails – from the retailers fulfilling your order. Refer to this email – and the shipping confirmation that’ll arrive thereafter – for instructions on how to track your package.
    How do I return or exchange an item?
    Returns and exchange procedures vary by retailer. Start by locating the shipping confirmation email affiliated with the item you’d like to return, or visit that retailer’s site directly to find more info on return policies.
    Why wouldn’t I just go and buy these products from each of the retailers you work with?
    Because that would be a pain! Lots of us registered with 2-3 different stores when we were pregnant in order to get the basics (think: diapers and bottles) as well as the cutest specialty items (like sheets and outfits). We designed Cricket’s Circle to be a time-saving, one-stop-shop for the best baby products out there.

    Profile & Preferences

    I entered the wrong due date – how do I update it?
    Visit My Account ; you’ll find the option to change your due date in the About Me section.
    How can I delete my account?
    Email to delete your account or registry hello@cricketscircle.com and we’ll do it right away.